Dear All,



My Name is Abbey Jazmine Plumb, I am a student at Nottingham Trent University doing a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication, Media Analysis and Globalisation. Prior to my current course I gained a foundation degree in Digital Video and Broadcast Production which I achieved a 1st in and won student of the year and for my first degree I studies Art and Design Media Practice which I achieved a high 2:1. I have spent a year in industry working for a local film company and helped produce several independent short films, one of which won an award in a Canadian film festival in November 2016. – I also have HHT!


In conjunction with HHT UK I am creating a short film, much like an advert to raise awareness of HHT and what it feels like to live with it. A long running theme to my work has been creating pieces of film that provoke conversation and understanding surrounding topics people don’t tend to talk about, and as someone with HHT I am painfully aware of the lack of people that even know what the condition is or how it impacts suffers on a daily basis. My aim is for the finished video to be a tool that suffers of HHT can share onto personal social networks from the HHT UK website as a way of explaining the condition to none-sufferers or potential none diagnosed sufferers, all in a bid to raise awareness and understanding.


Now here’s the important bit… for the short piece to be possible, we need your help!


I need at five people to participate in answering some questions about HHT such as, what is HHT? How does it make you feel on a daily basis? And how does it feel when people don’t understand what it is like to have HHT? All of the responses will then be used to create a collective script that represents the many voices of HHT.


After the script has been created the five people who took part in the interviews would need to then use a smartphone or smart device to record their voice reading the script. It sounds scary but voice recording can easily done on a smart phone or computer and as you will be doing it in the comfort of your own home you could re-record it as many times as you like until you’re happy – it’s important to the project that people are up for doing this as we want the voice of HHT to be heard.

The voice recordings will then be edited together so it will sound like several of you are reading the script simultaneously, without having to get you all into the same room to do it, the voice recordings will then be matched up to video clips representing what is being said by the voices. For example if someone is talking about feeling tired, it would be paired with shots of an unmade bed and a cold cuppa tea!


Everyone who participates will be kept anonymous in the public eye with the choice of being able to claim their words and voices independently as we want this to be your choice and all who are involve will be given full support in participating. If you are interested in getting involved please email me at or comment below and I can send you an email to confirm your interest. If anyone wishes to see any of my previous work please do not hesitate to ask and all questions are welcome.

I really do hope to hear from you soon as we are incredibly passionate about this project and would love as many people as possible to get involved and help raise awareness of HHT!


Many Thanks,


Abbey Jazmine Plumb


Well done to team HHT UK for takng part in big fun run Brighton and raising £600. 



Trying to raise awareness.

Three lovely events took place in June, friendly meets in Leeds and Potters Bar. Was so great to meet others in person that also live with HHT and/or Avm's sharing personal experiences and looking at ways we can raise awareness in the furture. 

Then we had balloon awareness for HHT awareness day this was not only great for raising awareness but was so enjoyable, great to see our little ones getting to enjoy something related to HHT. Thank you to all that took part looking forward to more events in future. 

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