Words often used in connection to HHT


HHT Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia or Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome.


ABSCESS infected, inflamed area of the body where pus collects.


ANEURYSM a weakened dilated blood vessel that is prone to hemorrhage


ANGIOGRAM a procedure to examine blood vessels of organs ie brain or lungs. Small catheter is into a vein or artery, dye is then injected into the blood to highlight blood vessels on a scan.


AVM Arteriovenous Malformation an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein.


ASYMPTOMATIC having no obvious symptoms.


AUTOSOMAL DOMINANT a genetic term describing a disorder that affects men and women equally and has a 50% chance of being passed to ones children.


BILATERAL both sides.


BIOPSY a small piece of body tissue is removed for testing.


CAT SCAN an x-Ray test of any organ that uses computer reconstruction of multiple images of sections of said organ.


CATHETER small plastic tube which is inserted into a vein.


CAUTERY a small electric needle or chemical such as silver nitrate is applied to telangiectases to control bleeding.


CEREBRAL anything to do with brain.


CHROMOSOME microscopic particles within cells of our bodies that contain genes. ( HHT gene is located on chromosome 9 and/or 12.


COBLATION procedure that combines gentle radio frequency energy with natural salt solution to remove tissue inside nose to ease epistaxis.


COIL EMBOLIZATION a treatment used for AVM a stainless steel or platinum coil is placed using a catheter to block off blood flow to AVM.


COGENITAL present from birth.


CYANOTIC the bluish tinge of skin when lungs are unable to provide enough oxygen.


DERMATOLOGIST doctor who specialises in skin.


DIFFUSE spread out in all directions, not concentrated.


DYE LASER emits a beam of light energy in wavelength of the colour red. Used in treatment of telangiectases on the skin.


ECHO BUBBLE a test to detect AVM's in lungs. Sterile solution which has been shaken to create micro bubbles is injected into the arm and ultrasound images of the heart are recorded.


EMBOLISM an obstruction in a blood vessel.


EMBOLIZATION a treatment used for AVM,a devise, coil or substance is placed by catheter to block blood flow to AVM.


ENDOSCOPY examination of hollow organs by passing a small camera though.


ENDOTHELIUM the inner layer of skin cells which line the blood vessels.


ENT doctor who specialises in ears,nose and throat.


EPISTAXIS nose bleeds.


FISTULA abnormal passage between two organs or blood vessels.


GASTROEONTEROLGIST doctor who specialises in gastrointestinal track.


GENETICIST doctor who specialises in genetics.


HEMANGIOMA a blood vessel malformation with diminished blood flow that occurs in brain or liver (not an AVM).


HEMATEMESIS vomiting blood.


HEMATOCRIT a measurement of blood normal reading 36% to 46%.


HEMIPARESIS paralysis of one side of body.


HEMOGLOBIN the substance in the blood that carries oxygen from lungs around the body, normal hemoglobin count 12-15.


HEMOPTYSIS coughing up blood.


HEMORRAGIC excessive bleeding.


HEREDITARY passed from generation to generation by genes.


HORMONE naturally-occurring chemical substance formed by the body and carried to other areas for a specific use. Also can be manufactured and given.


HYPOXEMIA a condition in which the amount of oxygen in blood is reduced.


INRACRANIAL inside brain.


IRON INFUSION treatment for anaemia, iron given in an intravenous drip.


LASER THERAPY use of a laser to treat telangiectases.


MRI scan of brain or other organ that uses a magnetic energy.


MELENA black stool due to bleeding in stomach or duodenum, dark stool maybe caused by iron treatment.


MIGRAINE a type of severe headache.


MUCOUS MEMBRANE or MUCOSA lining of body cavities that connect with outside air, nose mouth.


MUTATION change in genetic code of a gene.


NEUROLOGIST doctor who specialises in the brain.


NEUROSURGEON surgeon who specialises in brain and spinal cord.


OCCULT BLOOD blood that is present in the stool but not visible to the eye.


PAVM is an AVM in the lungs.


PULMONARY used to describe anything to do with lungs.


RADIOLOGIST a doctor who specialises in use of imaging techniques.


RECANALIZATION process of restoring flow or reuniting an interrupted blood vessel.


SCREENING tests performed to determine if there is a presence of an abnormality.


SEPTAL DERMOPLASTY relaces the thin lining of the nose with graft of thicker skin from somewhere else on the body.


STEREOTACTIC RADIATION THERAPY a metal frame is placed around the skull and X-Ray is used to try and shrink an AVM in brain.


STROKE occurs when part of the brain is suddenly deprived of its blood supply,causing a reduction in oxygen.


SYSTEMIC affecting whole body, not just part.


TIA transient ischemic attack, neurological event with stroke like symptoms.


TELANGIECTASIA abnormal connection between small arteries and veins.


VASCULAR used to describe blood vessels.


YOUNGS PROCEDURE is for severe epistaxis the nostrils are sewn closed, person can no longer breath though nose taste and smell is affected.