General Advice 



Tattoos and Piercings are a personal choice but there is some things to think about. If you have pulmonary avm's you need to take antibiotics before hand just like with dental work. Also you need to think about the location you wish to have this done, if you have telangiectasia in that area this could cause a problem. Please make sure you tell the person who is doing the tattoo or piercing about your condition.


Medical Alert. Think about getting a medical alert, if you are taken unwell or have an accident this could give paramedics and doctors vital information. 


Blood thinners. Do not take any blood thinners without a doctor perscribing them for you. Please remember that some off shelf and over counter medications contain aspirin or other ingredients that can thin the blood. Always check the ingredients or ask at the pharmacy.


Foods that may make your bleeds worse. Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Ginger Root, Garlic, Fish oil, Vitiamin E.


If you have a doctors appointment and you are unsure if the doctor will be familiar with hht, take along some information.


If you have a consultant appointment coming up take some time to write down questions you have, then you wont forget anything. If there is anything you dont understand dont be afraid to ask for them to explain it.



You are first port of call for monitoring your hht, if your symptoms change or get worse contact your doctors.