Children with hht.


Identifing which children who have or are at risk of having hht is the most imporant part of taking care of these children's health needs. If a parent is diagnosed as having hht a child has a 50% chance of having it too. A child with hht can take part in all normal childhood activities. Just like with adults that have hht dental care and good well balanced diet, with plenty of iron rich foods in very important.


In the UK and some other countries, risk versus benefits considerations are taken into account when looking at screening children for avm's. To screen a asymptomatic child would mean general anaestesia and exposure to radiation, most asymptomatic children are not screen untill past 16 years of age. On the other hand a child who shows symptoms would benefit from futher screening which is why identifying which children have hht is most important part of there care.


All children catch coughs and colds, chicken pox and so on, hht children are no different. Just because a child has hht doesn't mean a child won't also have asthma, eczema or any other condition or illness. If you are concerned about your chids health raise your concerns with doctors, if further screening needs doing for hht related conditions you will be advised and guilded through this by a consultant.